Partnership With Nene Warehouse Solutions

Gondola Skate is thrilled to announce its partnership with UK based Nene Warehouse Solutions to introduce its patented products, proprietary on-line safety training and cost-saving processes to the UK market place.

Gondola Skate is the originator and world-leader of the fixture mobilisation industry. With over 22 years of experience in working with the world’s largest retailers and warehouse providers, Gondola Skate has successfully established themselves through:

  • Creating the safest, most efficient solution for large-scale fixture mobilisation needs.
  • Empowering retailers to remain competitive by recapturing consumer loyalty through agile remodel transformations with less time and cost.
  • Their commitment to global health and safety standards, leading to the development of the only Certified Fixture Mobilization Expert (CFME) training program to protect equipment users, increase efficiency and reduce business and customer disruption.

Nene Warehouse Solutions, part of The Nene Group, has over 40 years’ experience of providing market-leading warehouse and racking solutions to business across the UK.

Shortly after the partnership launch at IMHX in September of 2019, UK retailers and warehouse providers can take advantage of the latest technology in commercial mobilisation equipment. Please contact Nene Mobilisation for more information.



Whether looking to remodel, optimise space, prepare for seasonal stock changes or create a more orderly flow in your warehouse or shop, Nene can help with any of your mobilisation projects.

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