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We are the UK distributor for Gondola Skate, the first-to-market global mobilisation company. Our innovative skate systems enable retailers and warehousing professionals to achieve significant cost savings by moving retail shelves and pallet racks more effectively and efficiently.

Whether you are looking to re-model your current setup, optimise your space, prepare for stock changes or create a more efficient flow in your warehouse or retail space, our innovative mobilisation products can resolve any of your movement requirements.

Our Innovative Skate System

Optimise your retail space

Do you need to move retail shelves quickly? Relocating and optimising your retail space is made simpler with our innovative skate system called ‘Falcon II’.

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Optimise your warehouse space

Moving existing large-scale racking to re-configure a busy warehouse can be a labour-intensive task. Our innovative warehouse skate system called ‘Rhino II’ can help optimise this process.

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Our Products


The Falcon II mobilisation equipment allows two people to move a loaded shelving unit in less than ten minutes. Perfect for less downtimes and speedy retail optimisation.


Rhino II is the world’s leading warehouse mobilisation solution that helps logistic professionals’ re-model their warehouses, without the need of pallet jacks and lever bars.


This new mobilisation product is being launched at the IMHX event on September 24th 2019.

Latest News

Nene Mobilisation Launch

We are very pleased to announce our new collaboration project with Gondola Skate, where Nene Warehouse Solutions will exclusively bring to the UK two new mobilisation products that can significantly reduce warehouse and retail mobilisation times. Whether you are...

Partnership With Nene Warehouse Solutions

Gondola Skate is thrilled to announce its partnership with UK based Nene Warehouse Solutions to introduce its patented products, proprietary on-line safety training and cost-saving processes to the UK market place.


Whether looking to remodel, optimise space, prepare for seasonal stock changes or create a more orderly flow in your warehouse or shop, Nene can help with any of your mobilisation projects.

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